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Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is an architectural material designed to replicate the appearance of natural stone
in architectural applications ranging from exterior facades to unique statements on walls. With
its transportable style, stone veneer is a noble touch both inside and out. It gives your home an
effortless curb attraction and is suitable for a house with an easy-to-clean appearance and a
natural look.

We can take advantage of the versatility and light weight of the stone produced by using it in
many unique ways that go far beyond the foundation and chimney. Stone veneer can be
installed on wood (framed walls, cast concrete, & even concrete foundations), with the right
installation methods. For those who want to install it on fireplaces, walls and freestanding
stoves, they can do so should it make a good choice for their home or office.

It is important to note that veneers of any kind, whether they are manufactured or natural, are not a structural product and cannot weigh as much as blocking massive stones or concrete blocks can. Always attach the stones and veneers to what is used when the house is covered with a siding or a stone and begged with structural products.

Stone veneers come in different types and the exact manufacturing and laying process will vary
slightly depending upon the product.


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