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Stone / Metal Mailboxes

Everyone needs a mailbox. Why not get a mailbox that you love to see everyday? Stick out from
the crowd and hire us to build you a stone or metal mailbox that is unique. It may not be on top
of mind, but there are many things to consider when building your mailbox. Let us help you
navigate your situation, so you can focus on the design.

It’s important to understand the laws, especially those based on the area or subdivision that
you live in. If you read the HOA handbook, you should be able to learn the laws and regulations
of private mailboxes. Also be sure that the postman doesn’t have to stretch or bend down to
put mail in the mailbox.

We are here to help you easily build a beautiful modern mailbox that you love. Many options
are available, including using wood scraps or a pallet, and then painting it while leaving it with a
nice wooden décor.

The area around the mailbox that you’re getting built is able to be decorated as well. Many
homeowners like to plant some flowers or put their garden touch to the area surrounding the
mailbox. Anything is possible, and we have a portfolio to show ideas of what you may or may
not like.

Nowadays, mailboxes are designed to have small tabs that help you open the front of the
mailbox without the need for a special flag. Putting a flag in a brick mailbox is a very old-
fashioned look, but still a good idea. If you want to add your name or street name, this is the
perfect place for it. Adding your street address number is also very popular.


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