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Stone Edging

The best thing about joining paving and bricks is the ability to create slightly curved shapes. It
takes some expertise to cut bricks into curves and build low retaining walls, but it is simple
enough. You can create them in any shape you want and create the garden of your dreams.

If you love the look of bricks, half bricks are ideal to create short walls for your garden. Simply
place the bricks where you want to line the edges, landscaping or sidewalks. Lined bricks can be
found in various shapes and sizes, giving you creative freedom when decorating the garden.

If you want a modern and rustic look, raw stone options that can be edged are perfect to create
an unique look for your garden. For an interesting view of a traditional stone wall, use materials
that hold stones in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose large stones and stack them together to
create a unique wall in natural style.


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