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Stone /Concrete Step

Building stone or concrete steps can be a bit complex, and that’s why it’s so beneficial to hire a
professional like us. You will have to fill a concrete cushion and mortar a base concrete block
with a tile slab. Bricks require a little maintenance and regular cleaning to them free from dirt.

Concrete steps are affordable and easy to work with, but pavers can be slightly more expensive
than bricks in terms of material and maintenance. You may also need to add a concrete base to
serve as a bed for the steps. We will help you manage the project every step of the way. Wall
glue is usually used to glue the paving stones to form the step.

When we think of concrete steps and stones, we assume that they are pretty much
indestructible and will last forever. That is not always the case if you don’t use good materials,
have the right installer, and fail to maintain it. Steps can begin to crumble and become unsafe
for people to use them.

Concrete steps are versatile and durable like wood, while concrete is low-maintenance, while
wooden stairs tend to warp, fade, splinter and rot. To make your concrete stairs look like new,
you just need to flush them up and seal them again. Before laying retaining walls and steps,
stagger the joints between the paving stones.


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