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Retaining Walls

When you emphasize the outside of your home, few things offer the same stunning look as
natural retaining walls. We happen to have a portfolio of creating some of the most beautiful
and unique retaining walls in St. Louis. There’s so many different styles, options, and materials
to use when it comes to building them.
Many homeowners assume retaining walls are installed to refurbish the exterior of their homes
for a more natural look, but they are actually used for more than just outdoor decoration and
Control water runoff is important to have on your property. When it rains, excess rainwater can
damage certain areas of your lawn. With a retaining wall, you can slow down rainwater flow
and use it for more effective watering and lawn care. If you have an uneven lawn that comes
unusable, you can use retaining walls to level the existing plot and create a flat terrace.
Retaining walls are great for leveling. They are used to level existing areas and control water
runoff from your home’s water supply and irrigation system. Expand your outdoor living space
and enjoy fresh, attractive landscaping with retaining walls or flat terrace on the front lawn or
terrace of your home.
By making your land safer and serving as an architectural element to complement your garden
design, you can increase the value of your home. If your property is prone to erosion, which can
happen when the land is not even, retaining walls can prevent the ground from shifting and

Whatever type of retaining wall you decide on, it’s important to hire a professional hardscaping
company in St. Louis like Premier Outdoor Group. Our valuable experience and expertise can
help you avoid technical disaster, complete the project on time, stay within your budget, and
have highest quality end product.


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