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Drainage Solutions

It’s important to check your drain pipes to make sure that they are not clogged or damage. If
you do not take these precautions, you open yourself up to have water coming into your home
and potentially endangering your foundation.

Sewage pipes may require more time than other solutions, but they are a worthwhile
investment. If you have standing water in your basement or yard after a storm, this is an
obvious sign of a sewage problem. Puddles or stains in the basement are other signs of sewage
problems that homeowners should be aware of.

Poor foundation drainage leads to stagnant water, cracks and leaks, creating an environment
with mold. Without a proper foundation and drainage system, mold thrives and settles. When
the floor in the basement is saturated, it moves, pushes and pulls at the foundation, which
eventually causes cracks. As soon as the water enters, the mold can sell and cause serious
structural damage to the foundations of your house.


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