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Decorative Rock Bed


Creating a decorative rock bed in your garden is one of the best landscaping ideas there is. If
you are considering adding stones, take a minute to look at the essential types of landscaped
rocks you can start planning. Knowing your options and having a plan in practice will save you a
lot of effort and energy.

The great thing about decorative rock beds, is that you don’t really have to work about
maintenance with it, and you can just enjoy the peace and quiet along with its beauty. Adding
stones, bricks, rocks, or pebbles gives the landscape a more colorful structure and at the same
time provides a functional value.

You can create square or rectangular beds depending on how heavy the stones are, and they
can start to sink into the ground. Stones can double as bed edges, hold the floors and minimize
erosion. Rocks retain their appearance and are not easily disturbed by wind, pets, or foot
traffic. Use large decorative stones that you can place where you don’t have a lot of foot traffic.

As ground cover, landscaped rocks are very beneficial, but bear in mind that they can be more
expensive than mulch. Remember to take the polished gravel that lasts long and replace the
mulch after each season.


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